Noone Was Standing Up for This Mother So the Bus Driver Took Matters on His Own Hands

There are many instances that will make you feel like humanity is still there. This is one of those stories.

A mother and her kid was on their usual ride on the bus. The mother was clearly struggling as she did not get a seat and there just wasn’t anyone who was courteous enough to lend her a seat. This is why the mother simply stood up. This is when the driver stopped the engine. As soon as he realized that no one was willing to stand up without having taken any action, he went to the passengers himself.

He then asked the people to at least stand up for the lady so that she could be a little comfortable throughout the ride. This was the only reason why many people turned to them and whether or not they were guilty or just ashamed, offered the poor woman seats. The woman then got to seat comfortably for the rest of the ride.

Kudos to the kind and compassionate driver! Watch the full video below!

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