Surveillance Video Captures Pizza Hut Manager Committing This Disgusting Act In Kitchen

When you visit your favorite restaurant, you’re always in high hopes of getting excellent and quality services, aside from the delicious food of course. There are specific standard procedures that every restaurant upholds and in which employee must comply to– from the waiters to the kitchen staff. Proper hygiene and sanitation are strictly implemented especially in the kitchen because that is where our food is made and prepared. Thus, certain rules and standards should be followed not only in the Kitchen but in every department, at all times. There are no exceptions even if you’re the owner or the manager.

There are some infamous restaurant incidents that we might’ve heard before or even encountered by ourselves in one of our many dine outs. For example, wherein an earring was seen submerged in onion soup, or a strand of hair found in a yummy plate of pasta or even worse, a customer having a tummy ache due to allergic reactions. These are the reason why standard procedures are made for the safety and well-being of the diners. Although those examples were unintentional but clearly unacceptable, here’s one that’s disgustingly unprofessional and deliberately done.

At a Pizza Hut restaurant located in Kermit, W. Va, a certain employee was caught on camera taking a piss at the kitchen sink– not only once, but twice! As reported by CBS Pittsburgh. Oh, and that particular employee wasn’t just a regular one, apparently, he was the restaurant’s district manager. How shocking is that? The video has been circulating on social media and getting quite a lot of negative reactions from people who were sickened by the unsanitary act.

The establishment then cleared the issue by claiming that the incident was done way past business hours. The said employee was also dealt with corresponding consequences for his action. Take a look at the CCTV footage of the once district manager caught while taking a leak at the sink.

Unfortunately, it led to him being terminated from the job. Also, the branch was known to have fully stopped its operation and was shut down permanently due to the conditions inside that were considered as hazardous to the health of the public.

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