This bungling thief met his waterloo when he attempts to steal a woman’s handbag on a Chilean bus. He attempted grabbing the woman’s handbag twice. After the first attempt, he pretended it was a joke and tried again. He soon discovered the woman was smarter than him. He tried to flee through the bus door but got stuck. The quick-thinking bus driver slammed the door and trapped his hand.

The worst was yet to come for the trapped thief. The driver grabbed his baseball bat and began whacking the thief. The thief tried to squirm out of capture with claims that he was joking with the victim who is an aunt to him. The driver turned deaf ears to his claims, continued whacking him while shouting in Chilean slang: “I’m badder than you”.

The bus driver let his baseball bat continue to do the talking while driving. On the eight whack, the criminal was reduced to tears. He became defenseless and cried out like a child. The notorious petty thief was handed over to the police for arrest at the next stop.

If you have ever fallen victim of petty theft on transit, you love to see how this thief was assaulted by the bus driver’s bat and brought to tears.

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