Bus Driver Throws Kid Off the School Bus. Furious Onlookers Reveals the Real Truth

The internet has become the best hangout place for everyone lately. While there are many important things you could do with its help, it can also become the biggest time-wasting platform. However, one thing a lot of us are thankful for the internet is for all the memes and funny viral videos. And this video deserves a place somewhere around the top.

The video begins with a bus suddenly stops in the middle of the road. An angry bus driver then gets off yelling and screaming. He has grabbed someone who looks like a kid by their jacket and is telling him to get off the bus. He then pushes the kid off the bus and throws him on the floor.

bus driver throws kid off bus

A woman then comes to the kid’s defense. She yells at the driver for doing what he did. She screams “he’s just a kid” to his face. All the passersby are furious with the bus driver at this point. And they’re looking at him in disgust.

Then, people go straight to the kid to comfort him. They try to pick him up and ask him if he’s okay. But then the truth is revealed. Everyone is lost of words when they see that it’s not a little kid that the bus driver threw off the bus. Instead, it is a fully grown man with dwarfism.

WATCH the hilarious video below.

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