She Grabs This Scared Boy in a Rush, Within Seconds Saves Him From a Horrific Accident

You can never tell when you might encounter an emergency. It can start out as an ordinary day, and then take a very serious turn. That is what happened to the bud driver in the following video. She was just doing her job, transporting people towards their destinations. Suddenly, she spotted a young child. He seemed to be choking on something, and his friend reported that he has swallowed a coin.

Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she had to decide in a split second what she should do. Though most people in this serious predicament would go into panic mode, she did something much different. Demonstrating her care for others, she got out of her seat and did something incredibly heroic. It’s the people who are passionate about their jobs that push them to go above and beyond.

You have to give props to the way she shows her ability to quickly stop the bus and focus on what was needed to be done. She maintained a clear and level mind despite being in such a heart-racing situation as the little boy choked on the coin. This was a great reminder to us all to be alert, caring, and observant. This unlikely hero saved this little boy’s life, all caught on camera in the shocking video below. It was good that she was so vigilant.

Thankfully, the boy is doing alright. He had a guardian angel disguised as a bus driver that day!

Check out this amazing video below:

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