Losing a parent can be one of the most challenging things in the world. And more so when you’re just a kid. Unfortunately, Isabella Pieri’s Mom passed away from cancer when she was only nine years old. Although her Dad has tried his best to be there for her, some things can’t replace a Mother’s touch. For Isabella, it was her hair.

Hair can be an essential part of a person’s identity. Moreover, when you are a young girl, doing your hair can be an excellent way of building a bond with your mother. Sadly, Isabella was missing that. But one day, it all changed when she saw her school bus driver Tracy, braiding someone else’s hair. So the next day, Isabella gathered all her courage and asked Tracy if she could do hers. And now, the rest is history!

Every day after the bus operator stays after her shift of picking up all the kids and reaching school to do Isabella’s hair. Moreover, it turns out Tracy has battled cancer just like the girl’s mom. Which is why doing her hair was more compelling to the driver, who is a mother as well. Furthermore, Isabella’s Dad is immensely grateful for the boost in confidence that Tracy has been able to give his daughter. Watch their sweet bond below:

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