Woman Uses Bubble Wrap Around A Cake To Create An Amazing Cake Design

Thanks to the Internet, we have entered a dimension of learning. With the help of Youtube and DIY hacks, doing things have never been simpler. Even though we may not be experts in the very subject, we learn a lot from tutorials. Let’s take baking, for example. In the culinary art of baking, everything needs to be precise.

Furthermore, decorating the cake is a whole new level of the game. But worry no more in the clip below. A YouTuber teaches us an extraordinary way of presenting cakes. She gives us a peek into the stepwise process of tempering with chocolate. Not just that, she even uses a bubble warp to get things exciting.

All you need is dark or semi-sweet chocolate according to your preference. Melt it little by little to avoid any errors later. Now with a clean bubble wrap, measure the height and length of the cake for precise measurements. Once done, take the wrap and spread the melted creamy chocolates all over the plastic. When it cools down a bit, wrap it around the cake. Later on, remove the bubble wrap, and you will have exciting final results. Now you can add the fruit toppings according to your heart’s desire.

Please press play and enjoy. Do let us know how it turns out for you.

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