He Wraps Beef Around That Beer Can. The Result? Absolutely Mouth-watering

The days are getting longer and that means get-togethers and outdoor cooking! BBQ season people! This video shows you an amazing recipe that you could try out at one of your grilling sessions. I started drooling even before the whole thing was finished! Who cares about an extra few pounds? Even Adonis himself wouldn’t be able to resist this delish grilled bacon beer-can bacon cheeseburger!

It is a very easy to do hamburger recipe and it is explained to us by the BBQ Pit Boys. Even a cooking disaster like me can’t wait to give this a try! You can use this amazing recipe for outdoor gatherings, or picnics, or whatever you like really! So put your barbecue shoes on and try out this recipe to serve up some delicious, moist, and tender dish!

Beer Can Bacon Burger recipes by the BBQ Pit Boys 7-16 screenshot

Watch this heavenly dish and its tutorial in the video below! Will you give this a try? What else would you like to add to this recipe? Share them in the comments!

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