Marine Holds His Salute for 3 Hrs Despite His Broken Wrist. but Watch When the Bikers Approach

The Rolling Thunder Ride For Freedom is conducted every year on memorial day weekend to raise awareness about the plight of military veterans, prisoners of war, and those soldiers and people still missing in action. Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers has been a part of this event for years now.

He is known to the world as The Saluting Marine. This veteran can be seen in with his makeshift memorial standing at attention in the middle of the street while the bikers drive past him. He holds his salute for more than 3 hours in honor of his fellow soldiers. He did it when he had a broken wrist and he still does it with a medical condition on his back. The participating riders acknowledge him and salute him back. Despite being a small gesture, it is a powerful reminder to all of us about the sacrifices our military has done for us.

For The Saluting Marine 2-1 screenshot

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