Incredible Chocolate Cake: 3 Ingredients, No Oven, No Eggs or Dairy, One Minute to Make

When you crave something sweet, it is mostly either chocolate or cake. The best way you can enjoy your sweetness craving is by eating a chocolate cake.

A chocolate cake is the best of both worlds with rich chocolate in the form of a cake. Two of your favorite things in the same place. Nothing can be tastier than a slice of chocolate cake. The chocolatey heaven will take you to a different dimension when you indulge in it. However, you can’t always bake a chocolate cake at home. Hence, when you have to make it without an oven, you have to follow this recipe.

Not only is the recipe amazingly good, but it also is rich in oats that are very healthy for you. Who said tasty food can never be healthy? Have as many slices as you want and you will still not have to worry about gaining that extra pound of weight.

The pleasure of eating something so good without having to worry is simply the best thing in the world. You should definitely try this at home. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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