Man Cracks A Gigantic Chicken Egg To Find More Than Just A Yolk

Growing your own vegetables or raising poultry can come with lots of surprises. Who better to know this phenomenon than farmers. Similar to this Texas farmer who found a giant egg in the coop.

As a farmer, the size of the egg may surprise us, but not this man. He was more stunned to see the contents inside. When he cracked on this giant egg, the farmer came across something more than just yolks and whites. It was another egg. An eggception, if you would call it. In his career span, he had never come across such a double egger. Furthermore, the chicken shows no discomfort in laying such huge eggs.

Well, he is not the only one who was shocked by the eggception. Linda Alvarado, all the way from Britain, recorded a similar case. Due to its ordinary size, the egg inside had yet to form fully. Hence, the shells were soft and broke apart easy than giant eggs. In this scenario, there seems to be a reasonable explanation.

Hens usually ovulate daily in order of size, the largest ones at first. In the meantime, the hen’s ovary is simultaneously preparing smaller oocytes to release later. However, some underdeveloped oocytes might jump the queue, resulting in the soft egg inside, explained Backyard Poultry website.

Please press play and enjoy this eggcellent video.


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