All-vocal Band Sings 105-year-old Classic Country Tune, and It’s Better Than Ever

Country music is as direct as it can get. Sure, it is known for its fiddle and banjo twangs! However, what people can relate to most is the heart-wrenching lyrics. I’m sure there are many happy songs in the western genre. But you can commonly see themes of loss and sorrow are in the history of this style. Likewise, this 107-year-old folk song proves this fact. And its rendition by the band Home Free makes the song more brilliantly poignant!

“Man of Constant Sorrow” is a traditional American folk song that has been sung for more than a century. But it came to the mainstream when Dick Burnett published it in 1913 with the title “Farewell Song.” Moreover, artists like Stanley Brothers, Bob Dylan, and The Soggy Bottom Boys have sung covers of this country classic. However, none can compare to this rendition by the all-vocal country band Home Free.

home free cover

Making it their own, the world’s first Accapella country band has striking visuals that go with the song. Moreover, when they start singing, you won’t be able to believe that there are no instruments. There is no doubt that their voices are amazing. And they transport you to a whole different place when they harmonize! Furthermore, it was mind-blowing when one of the members plays the vocal “harmonica!” Watch the incredible performance below:

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