Emotional Mother-Son Dance At Wedding Has The Whole Room In Tears After Groom Picks Mom Off Her Wheelchair

Every parent dreams that their children will grow up and lead a happy life. No wonder they’re always looking forward to the significant milestones in your life! And what can be more significant than your wedding day? Fathers dream about walking their little girl down the aisle while mothers find joy in your happiness. But when it was time to dance, this son made his Mom’s dreams come true after sweeping her off the wheelchair!

When Lori and her highschool sweetheart Dave tied the knot, they didn’t know what the future would hold. Lori had muscular dystrophy, and doctors had said that the chances of the couple having children were unlikely. However, the pair went on to have three healthy children. Fast forward on the day of her son’s wedding, David wanted to show his appreciation for his mother in the sweetest way!

mom son wedding dance

As the projector shows photos of David’s life as he is growing up, the groom wheels his Mom to the center of the hall. Moreover, they share sweet mother-son dance to the song “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. You can see that all the guests at the reception are getting emotional from the dance. But what they do next has everyone in tears! Furthermore, the groom sweeps his Mom from the wheelchair and holds her in his arms as they glide across the room. Watch the heartwarming video below:

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