They Dropped a Bolt From a Building. And This is What Happens When It Touches Your Head

You might have heard about cases where something fell from the sky, ending someone’s life. Moreover, the chances of this happening are higher if you work near construction. Nuts, bolts, and other operating equipment fall from unfinished buildings all the time. Although it seems impossible, if something does fall to hit you, it can have enormous consequences. Just how big? These people do a drop object experiment to find out. And the result is shocking!

Although the weight of a falling object matters to an extent, the height of the fall plays a more prominent role in the case of injuries! Black and Veatch is a consulting and construction company that knows the importance of worker’s safety. So, they came up with a campaign for a “safety week.” And for it, they did an experiment that shows the importance of hard hats!

drop experiment watermelon

Using watermelon as a representation of a human head, the experiment team choose a 1 pound bolt as their weight. Moreover, they first do the drop at a height of 20 feet. With a PVC pipe as a guide, the rivet speeds down and makes a hole in the watermelon! However, with a hard hat on, it doesn’t have a scratch. Furthermore, they increase the height to 30 feet and repeat the drop. This time the same weight completely obliterates the fruit, cutting it in half. And although there is little damage to the hard hat, the watermelon “head” is completely fine! Watch the video below:

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