“Moron Brothers” Sing Hilarious Song About Why Santa Won’t Visit Anymore

Here’s a funny but heartwarming video that’s sure to get you in the mood for a Christmas joke! It features a hysterical musical duo called The Moron Brothers.

These two old folks have an amazing way of sharing their jokes to the world via their music, with a specialty in American bluegrass. Their self-critical and self-deprecatory sense of humor is truly a joy to listen to! You will be in stitches when you hear their duet for yourself! In this clip, they sing a funny song explaining why Santa will not be visiting their house this year.

Armed with a banjo and a guitar, they say that they ended up giving Santa’s reindeer some lice when he came to them last year on Christmas. Whether they are naughty or nice doesn’t matter, they startled Santa forever! Wait till you hear this!

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[ytvid id=”mVBTfCJmQsA”]

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