Farmers are the backbone of the world. If they didn’t do their jobs, people would starve. They take care of planting and growing crops, so the only thing we have to worry about is what to cook for dinner. However, not everyone knows what it takes to be a farmer

Peterson Farm Bros are three brothers who run their 5th generation family farm in Kansas, Texas. They also run Youtube channels on the side, which feature informational videos, vlogs, and musical gems about agriculture. These parody songs are so hilarious but also very educational. One of these songs is “Farmers Feed the World,” which reminds everyone that food doesn’t come pre-packaged from the supermarket.

farming brothers

The brothers first show us how farmers water crops by adding in Silento’s hit song “Watch Me” to the mix. As if this “whip” and “nae” wasn’t enough; they give a lesson on corn farming by rapping to “Hit the Quan.” Finally, they show the people how farmers feed everyone! Explaining the process of farming various things from apples to dairy, they sing to beat of Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk.” And it is hilarious! You will be rolling in laughter straight to the countryside after you watch the video below:

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