I thought this was a little girl But This Video Revealed Her True Identity

In my opinion, ballet is one of the most challenging art forms in the world. Although Ballerina’s make it look easy and effortless, it takes years of training and practice to master. Moreover, you need to have immense strength and balancing skills for this type of dance! And nobody knows it like Veronica Khistova.

At just 14 years old, Veronica from Ukraine is a talented Ballerina. No wonder she came to participate in Romania’s Got Talent! As she begins her performance, the girl dances on her tiptoes on top of a metal tabletop. But wait— she’s hiding something. This dancer has a secret, and only reveals it when she does a handstand!


As she stands upside down, her skirt rises to show something. It’s a face! At this point, everyone is in shock. They finally understand why she was wearing ballet slippers on her hands! Furthermore, she gives a whole performance upside-down. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the music changes, and she even stumbles a little. But she picks herself right up and continues as nothing happened. Watch her incredible performance below:

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