They Rescue This Abandoned Dog Living Under a Shopping Cart, Weeks Later They Realize Her Secret

Street dogs are so common in many parts of the world. It’s heartbreaking to see millions of street dogs trying to live in such harsh conditions. They do not get the love and safety that pet dogs get from owners. They can be run over by cars or get attacked by other dogs. They are very vulnerable, but sadly many people overlook them because they are scruffy or smelly.

This story is about a stray dog that was spotted living under a shopping cart. Some kind neighbors had been leaving the dog food and water for her to keep her fed and alive. They then contacted the Rescue From The Hart team to intervene and help out the dog from the situation. When the team got to the scene, they instantly felt they had to be extra careful with this dog.

The team knew they had to be cautious in their approach. From a distance, it appeared that the dog was pregnant. If she was, they knew she might be aggressive, as mother dogs are very protective. Rescue From The Hart spent a lot of time earning the dog’s trust. Eventually, though, they had managed to bond and pet her. The team named her Bailey and they wanted to support her during her pregnancy.

She went on to give birth to five adorable puppies. They are now all thriving well under the care of the rescue organization! Check out this amazing story below:

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