Talent has a way of finding its place in the hands of worthy ones. Hence, for some, it sips in naturally while others take years to realize the true potential. And our artist belongs to the latter group.

Even though his teacher did encourage him to follow his passion early on in life, when he was just eight-years-old, the teacher sent a note home. She tried encouraging the family to send Lueb to the Art Institute in Chicago. However, he decided to take a different path to Molecular Biology.


Soon he was holding the position of sous chef at Flagstaff House. Nevertheless, around 1995, he decided to make use of his power tools. Therefore, he made a beautiful carving of raccoons and bears. But it wasn’t until late 1997 when he left his job entirely and picked up his hobby. Begin traveling with his wife, Annie, to hone his skills.

The clip below is one of the examples of his most adequate skills in real-time. With just a few tools, he carves three raccoons, sneaking from the branches. And a fox standing tall just right in front. Furthermore, he paints the perfect colors and adding a life-like resemblance to the wooden carve. What do you think? Does this creative work was able to impress you? Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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