Baby Has No Idea Dad Shaved His Beard, Has A Meltdown When She Pulls The Blanket Off His Face

Babies grow accustomed to the way their parents appear. If it’s mom’s long blonde hair or dad’s mohawk, that’s all a baby knows about their parents. Those parents are superheroes in the eyes of their children, and you won’t be able to persuade them otherwise.

But what happens when the mother cuts her blonde hair or dad looks different without his beard? How would the baby react? If that’s the question you want to test, I’ve got the perfect answer.  Little Ruby Anne is used to seeing her beardy dad and dancing to his happy song. In the first half of the video, you see her humming with her dad and having the best time of her life.

baby reacts daddys face

But a few seconds later, daddy has a towel on his face. She thought nothing of it at first. But when he unwrapped his freshly shaven face, ruby gives him a strange look. She tries her best to figure out who he is. But at last, she gives in and starts crying…

“She studied him for quite some time and then made her decision that she did NOT like it” states Ruby’s mother. Watch the full video here:

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