Hacker Demonstrated a Nifty Technique to Cut a Watermelon Using Nothing but a Quarter

There is no greater struggle in the summer than cutting watermelon, but this is the summer when everything changes. We figured out how to cut a watermelon with a dime. And it’s both simple and effective for your next summer picnic. You no longer need to carry a knife in your backpack again.

If you are a fan of life hacks and DIY, you may be familiar with this Crazy Russian hacker. He’s not a computer hacker, but rather a guy with crazy DIY projects and scientific explanations. During one of his researches, he came across the tricky idea of cutting watermelon with a nickel.

watermelon cut quarter

I know it sounds insane. When I first heard about it, I, too, scoffed. But take a look at how perfectly he cuts this watermelon:

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