Baby Monkey Cries Out in Joy When He Reunites With His Foster Parents

A lot of researches has proved that monkey feels emotions quite a similar way we human do. They take care of each other and fight together with their enemies. As a matter of fact, monkeys even display signs of depression.

Limbani, a baby ape was abandoned by his mother as he was born with pneumonia. After this incident, he met Jorge and Tania as his foster parents. In this video, you’ll watch Limbani sharing a warm bond with them.

Jorge and Tania cared for this baby ape for quite a time and they are the only parents Limbani knows. Therefore, every time the three of them meet, Limbani jumps into their arms and hugs them tight.

Currently, Limbani lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Florida. He is healthy and happy there. Jorge and Tania make sure they keep meeting him once in a while. Watch this beautiful video posted below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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