This Baby Monkey Sees a Piglet for the First Time – His Reaction Is Too Cute

Pigs and monkeys are incredibly intelligent animals. Pigs are capable of learning complex tasks and can even be trained to navigate obstacle courses and use mirrors. Monkeys are also highly intelligent and can be taught to use tools and even communicate with humans through sign language. Their intelligence is further demonstrated by their ability to solve problems and remember tasks. These animals are capable of a wide range of cognitive abilities that prove their intelligence.

So it’s only natural that these two smart animals might want to be friends. And there is nothing more wholesome and heartwarming than two kind animals trying to be friends and loving one another. BiBi is a baby monkey who has been trained as a pet, adapted to a near-human lifestyle since she was adopted at a very young age.

When Bibi meets a piglet, she’s surprised at first but quickly decides she wants to be friends. The reaction between the two is adorable–it’s like two little kids meeting for the first time and deciding to be friends.

The piglet doesn’t seem bothered at all by the monkey and maybe (because pigs are smart too) it’s just happy to have a new friend. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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