Video Shows Baby Bat Making Adorable Heart-Melting Squeaks While Being Petted

For a long time, humans have either been terrorized by bats or obsessed over these creatures. Besides their appearance in horror and thriller movies, they are the sole reason behind the presence of “Batman.” 

Although people enjoy learning about these birds with fangs, petting them may not sound like a safer choice, or is it? 

It may come as a surprise as one little bat has found its friend at last. However, the owner is not your average individual. Mandi Griffith is the staff of Sydney Wildlife. She is trained to handle wild animals. She is fully skilled to handle the tiny bat.

Jeddah is a flying fox bat with a tiny grey head. Being a non-vampire bat, he posses a lot of gray fur on his head. In the clip, the tiny bird acts more like a cat when petted by Mandi. Making purring sound and happy all smiley faces like dogs. Jeddah responds well to the affection and love shown by the owner. 

Although their size, these animals can scratch or bite. Not only that, they carry tons of diseases. The video shares the dangers of owning one if you don’t possess any qualities or training to deal with the beings. This may help you be more kind to your pet or adopt one from the nearest shelter.  Please press play and enjoy the video. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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