Three Boys’ Angelic Voices Merge for Heavenly Rendition of “You Raise Me Up”

For generations, music has helped people forget all the sorrows and rejoice at the moment. Even during the time of war, music was medium to entertain the soldiers. Different types of therapy use tunes to uplift the patients. For instance: It was used to cure melancholy (depression).

It is safe to say; music has been an international language for centuries. People from all around the world either sing it or cover old songs, regardless of their origin. 

Similar to the three boys featured in the video, during “Internal Children’s Music Festival.”

Back in 2013, three boys from China performed in a competition. One of the boys, Zhong Chenle, grew up to be a band member of the famous band “NCT.” Their song choice helps them set apart from other contestants. 

The group sings “Raise me up,” originally by Josh Groban and written by Rolf Loveland. From its release, the song has been done over and over. Hence, it gains a lot of love and popularity for the soulful lyrics and rhythms. Initially, the boys dressed in impeccable white suits stand in a triangle with their backs facing each other, surrounded by lights and white fog. 

As the song progresses, the boys come in unison, showcasing their voice’s power and strength. The entire performance is beautiful, especially towards the end. We witness a simple yet powerful image of the universe moving as the music quiets down slowly. I hope you enjoy the effort from the outstanding juniors. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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