Expert Explains 4 Brilliant Uses for Aspirin In The Garden

Aspirin (chemically, acetylsalicylic acid or ASA) is considered by many medical professionals as a “miracle drug.” Humans have been using these tiny pills for myriad reasons, from curing simple headaches to fighting off deadly diseases. But studies show aspirin can be a extremely useful in the garden as well.

Increase Plant Growth and Productivity

An experiment conducted at the University of Rhode Island displayed an escalation in plant growth. The gardeners added four aspirin tablets to four gallons of water. This solution was sprayed in the garden every three weeks. The plants that were treated showed an immunity boost and grew much quicker than the rest. The solution acted as a steroid shot for our little bloomers.

Fight off Disease

Dissolve one uncoated aspirin in water. Sprinkle this solution to your garden every so often. This helps the little ones to fight off fungal and bacterias. Plants usually have salicylic acid in them that does the job itself. However, putting extra efforts help the plants to get on track.



Increase the life span of cut flowers.

Colorful blooming foliage inside the house brightens up the whole house. But these flowers don’t last very long due to the bacteria that gathers up in the water. For the flowers to stay fresh longer, crush up some aspirin and add in the water. The drug helps fend the water of these flower killers.

Cultivating new plants.

To propagate new seeds, plants have rooting hormones in them. These hormones also defend and protect the new cuttings while they bloom. With the help of aspirin, you can mimic the hormones to add that extra layer of shield. Add the cuttings into aspirin dissolved water for an hour or two. Aspirin contains salicylic acid that is usually found in the plants as a growth regulator. Good exposure to aspirin water leads to this gene activation, hence the growth is smooth.

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