Toddler Can’t Go to Bed Without Kissing Her Horses – So Adorable!

Here’s a heartwarming video that’s sure to peak the cute meter and will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

There’s just something about toddlers and animals together that’s comforting to me, I don’t know why. But even if I didn’t have a soft spot for kids and their pets, I still would have posted this short clip because it is just so precious.

Mom is filming this little tyke as she makes her rounds prior to going inside and going to bed. In the little girl’s mind, she needs to go around and give each of her horses a kiss before heading off to sleep.

Most surprising, to me at least, is the horses’ reaction. When she arrives, they stop what they are doing–obviously they are used to her being around petting them. When she grabs them and pulls them to her, there’s not even a hint of resistance. The entire thing is wonderful to watch, from start to finish.

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