The Amish are famous for their self-sufficient lifestyle. They do not opt for any modern technologies but use their own resources.

Some of the Amish rules might be seen by others as strict: they allow marriage only between members of the Amish Church and the elderly remain at home rather than a retirement facility.

Most of the Amish resources come straight from the farm and are different from modern technologies. Despite not being modern, they can make things work economically and in the easiest way. In this video, there are eight different methods through which you can housekeep and make it sustainable as well.

These methods are very cheap and you won’t need any additional things than you already have at your home. From vinegar to even a mere orange peel, everything will come in handy and do amazing tricks to different parts of your house. These Amish tricks are here to make lives easier and more convenient.

This is one of the most helpful videos you will ever watch on YouTube. Watch the full video below!

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