Their Performance Of “Amazing Grace” Dropped My Jaw To The Floor

All of us are a big fan of “Amazing Grace”. It is no doubt one of the most popular and beloved Christian hymns of all time. Amazing Grace has become an icon in modern culture. It has been covered by a lot of artists over the years. The video below features one of them. Your jaw will drop to the floor when you see this brilliant performance!

I have heard many renditions of Amazing Grace before, but this one right here took my breath away. It is too beautiful for words to be honest. It is performed by a vocal group created by Simon Cowell named Il Divo. I still have chills from listening to it! Wait till you see it yourself!

Watch this incredible performance below! Did this leave you amazed? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!

[ytvid id =”GYMLMj-SibU”]

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