She is Only 11 Yrs Old. But When She Does This on the Harp, You Will Get Chills!

There are a lot of talented little children in the world. The video below features one of them. Alisa Sadikova is only 11 years old, but despite her young age, this incredible lady has managed to capture the attention of St Petersburg’s State Conservatory in Russia. She trains there and has already become quite an internationally renowned harpist!

In this video, Alisa performs the masterpiece, “The Fountain”, by Marcel Lucien Grandjany. Alisa has been playing the harp since she was only five years old. She practices almost 2 or 3 houses every day since then. She has had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, at City Recital Hall, and many other concerts as well. You are going to be mesmerized when you hear her stellar performance yourself!

Watch Alisa’s performance below and let us know if you enjoyed her performance as much as we did in the comments!

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