Rescued Blind Pit Bull Who Was Chained and Poisoned Finds His Happy Ending

Some pooches need more attention and care than others. Pay attention as this adorable pit bull in the video is one of them. They chain up this unfortunate thing with the other two other dogs in a junkyard for over two years. And the pit bull became the sole survivor of the event. But brace yourself before you hear the truth behind his tragic history. On top of being a blind pit bull, he was neglected and even poisoned. However, his firm will help him survive through this hardship.

A family then decides to adopt him temporarily. Later on, they give him away to their neighbor. This kind of new man took him to Animal Humane New Mexico and offered the pit bill a proper treatment. The horrifying incident made the dog blind in one eye while his other eye had glaucoma. Except that, he makes a full recovery and is now hopeful about the happiness in his future.

Although this pooch went through a lot of hardships in life, we overcame all of them with his new loving owner. Since he is a sweet and innocent dog, everyone instantly liked this pupper. It looks like he got the happy ending he always deserved, and we couldn’t be happier for him! God bless the wonderful man who took him in when no one else would. Watch this video down below: 

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