AGT Contestants Bring Judges to the Stage to Sing Opera – Hilarious!

We’re used to seeing great performances on the America’s Got Talent stage, and then hearing what the judges have to say after the performance. Here’s an act that actually makes the judges sing as part of the act!

Metaphysic wowed the audience and judges in their audition when they brought Elvis to life and also had a clip of judge Simon Cowell singing. They use artificial intelligence to create a simulation of a famous face, like Elvis or Simon, and place it on the body of a live person singing a song. The combined singer is projected onto the big screen for the audience to see.

In this act they take the simulation a step farther. The entire act is an opera, sung by personalities from AGT including judges Simon and Howie Mandell and host Terry Crews. And it’s in Italian. It’s brilliant!

All of the judges absolutely love the act as does the audience. Any time someone can make fun of Simon it’s a hit, and Howie’s a popular target too. Here’s an act that’s just too good to miss. Watch this and laugh today!

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