Soldier Forced to Leave Rescue Dog in Iraq Finally Reunites With Him Back Home

Soldiers have to face so much on the job. Being deployed to a foreign country, where you have to risk your life every day is no walk in the park. Staying away from friends and family can also be really difficult, especially when you need their support the most. A soldier who was deployed to Iraq, Ken Wyrsch, found love and support in a dog named Ollie.

Their military base had raised Ollie since he was a little puppy. So it was really sad news for Ken when he found out that the military base would be shut down. He knew Ollie wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. Animals were treated really harshly in the country, and Ollie wouldn’t survive in such a situation. So Ken knew he had to do something for the pooch.

He teamed up with SPCA International and requested Ollie to be brought back to the USA. It would be difficult, not to mention expensive, but Ken really did his best. After a month, Ollie was finally able to go to the US and reunite with his friend.

Ollie was so happy to be reunited with Ken. He kept kissing him and hugging him non-stop! After being there for the soldiers when they needed him the most, the soldiers repaid Ollie in the best way possible!

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