Although many kind and loving pet owners out there go above and beyond while taking care of their companions. Occasionally a bad apple comes around and does something that is impossible to comprehend.

Thankfully, the number of good so far have canceled out such wrongdoing over and over again. Take this close save, for instance.  Danny Cormier and his fellow partner, Ahriel Jones, work for waste management services. Like every day, the two were making rounds around Bradenton areas. While Danny was in the driver’s seat, his friend dumped the garbage bins into the truck. From the rare view mirror, Danny noticed something odd.

Hence, Danny informed Jones that he noticed a head sticking out of the truck. The two decided to investigate further. To their horror, a pit bull was trying to get her head out of the truck. Moreover, what worst is that it was no coincidence. The pup was thrown with all of her stuff, even the kennel. Now you can imagine the pain the canine must have filled along the way. The dog was scared to approach the two, possibly due to her past recollection. Danny and Jones reported the incident to the police officers.

Given Daisy’s situation, they took her to  Manatee County Animal Services. She has made significant progress from her time in the care. Daisy has also been put up for adoption. She is warm, gentle, and playful, said the employees from Animal Services. Let’s just hope we don’t run out of such helpful people any time soon.

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