‘Dads With Swag’ Video Takes Dad Jokes to a Whole New Level

Once you become a parent, you reach a new milestone. Soon after, life demands change, from your routine to how you spend money. All of them are viewed through a new perspective, one that acknowledges the added responsibilities.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you evolve into the new lifestyle. Similar to these four days, they share their daily tasks while spitting rhythmic verse one after another. They have the attitude, excellent hip hop beat followed with thought-out lyrics. All this intricate work can mean one thing, “Entertainment”.

The hilarious bits on chores will get you for sure. With Father’s day around the corner, this song is perfect for the whole family. Moreover, these aspiring dads deserve all the applause for not breaking their characters throughout the journey.

If this is the final cut of this, just imagine how funny it was behind the scenes to this video?

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