3-Yr-Old’s Delight at Seeing Real Train for First Time Will Warm Your Heart

The older I get the more I enjoy finding little things each day that bring joy to everyone’s life. This video is a great example: a little girl is so excited by seeing a train arriving that it’s infectious. It made me happy just watching it and I hope it does the same for you.

This little girl is Madeline and her parents say she has always dreamed of riding a train. They don’t tell us why, but it’s probably that she’s read Thomas the Tank Engine, or something like it, a few hundred times.

Anyway, for her third birthday, that dream is coming true: she’s going to get to ride a train. And she can hardly contain herself waiting for it to arrive.

Once she sees the train in the distance, she gets so excited and so happy that you cannot help but share her joy. And it’s exactly this kind of joy we need to all look for in the small things, every day, as we navigate the inevitable tough spots we’re going to encounter.

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