Watch this 98-year-old dad’s reaction when he finds out how old he really is

It’s a common-place for the old to forget the minutest details of their life while still alive. In this video, the ninety-eight-year-old man has a memory problem and so he sometimes forgets how old he is. He thought he was younger than his real age. He is shown to be arguing with his son over his age. He argued that he is in his seventies. At first, his son corrected him without revealing his real age to him. He was taken through the mathematics route himself. So He began to count while his son moderated the process.

He began counting from 78 – 89 – 90 – 91 – 92 and up to 98. Then the son stopped him right there and said: “ yes, you are 98”. Man looked to astonished and began using colorful languages like you’re a**, I am not 98. F*** you while laughing. He then resorts to doing arithmetic himself, slowly reflecting on the fact he was born in 1919 and enquires what year they were are in. It happened to be 2018. He worked out this and discovered he was 99.

“My life is so fast” he exclaimed. The video has attracted the attention of the online audience and gained over 750,000 views. It was posted with the on YouTube with the warning “FOUL LANGUAGE”.

The old man clearly isn’t ready for the grave. He looks so much healthy, evidence from his skin radiation. Who knows, he might still be around for another 20 years?

Congratulate the ninety-eight-year-old man for a life well sent so far. And share it to the world