College Football Fans Recreate Stirring 9/11 Tribute From 2001

After more than a year of empty stadiums, this arena roared on the triumphant return of these college students. While many were overjoyed at the reunion with their favorite dresses and uniforms, these students came up with a plan to symbolize what was lost years ago.

Back in 2001 Sept 11, the world sat still after the horrific terrorist attack. The entire nation mourned the fallen. And like many events, the sports industry also to a pause. When games resumed at Texas A&M University, students wanted to recognize the tragedy and raise money to send to New York. They did this by establishing a “Buckets for Sandy” program.

As the nation approached the 20th year since 9/11 the attacks, students at Texas A&M had the idea to recreate that powerful tribute.

Claire Brown, the executive director of a student organization called Maroon Out, helped lead the organization that put together the 20th-anniversary event for the Class of ’22.

“Students here are super passionate about service and traditions,” Brown said. “Whether it’s Maroon Out or Fish Camp, you want to be a part of those things and that same fire is reignited in every single class.”

The Kent State game drew nearly 98,000 fans and gave them a big win of 41-10. It was a pleasure to see how people displayed their patriotism. Please tell us what do you think of this tribute and do SHARE it to everyone you know.