Puppy Stuck In Traffic Throws A Temper Tantrum – He’s Got Some Valid Points

Everyone hates the traffic. Sitting in your car, stuck in one place, is dreadful. And when nothing interesting is on the radio? The entire experience is more frustrating.

We’ve all had our experiences with the traffic-jam hell, but in addition to humans, who seem to revel in creating traffic jams, it seems that traffic jams are a point of annoyance for many more of our species’ residents. Pets, like us, also have ideas about the matter.

Puppy throwing a tantrum in the traffic

Walter, one French Bulldog, had strong feelings about how much he hated traffic. Walter noticed they weren’t moving while sitting in the car with his owner. Knowing that they were trapped in the traffic jam, Walter started moaning in the back seat.

Watch his full tantrum here:

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