His Song Honors a Fallen Marine – When I Heard the Words I Couldn’t Stop My Tears

“Arlington” by Trace Adkins is a tear-jerking song. It is sung from the viewpoint of a soldier who gets killed in a battle and is buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.

This beautiful song was inspired by United States Marine Corps Corporal Patrick Nixon, who died in a battle in 2003. If you love a good song and have a soft spot for our incredible troops, then you will definitely break down while listening to this!

Corporal Patrick Nixon’s dad was a Vietnam War veteran. Nixon dreamt of being a history teacher after his service came to an end.

But unfortunately, on March 30, 2003, he and eight of his squad members got caught in a the crossfire when they were ambushed by terrorist insurgents while trying to secure a bridge. He and his team will forever be remembered till the end of time via this beautiful song.

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