9-year-old Aspiring Fashion Designer Has a Closet for of Self-sewn Outfits

This Colorado-based fashion designer fanatic and her family have lately become internet celebrities because to their TikTok videos. The video has received millions of views, bringing the girl closer to her goal.

9-yr-old Kaia Aragon is so confident about her designs and knows how to do things when she can. This 9-year-old is capable of making her own clothes. She also designs them herself and it is something that makes me feel extremely proud.

She now has a closet full of handmade garments, some of which were refashioned from discarded items and given new life as trendy items worthy of internet bragging rights.
Outfits that Kaia has sewed herself now fill her closet, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

This 9-year-old fashion designer, Kaia, is unusual in that she has been sewing since she was 5 years old, much before the average person ever learns to sew. Tonya learned how to use a sewing machine from her mother, Tonya, in the year 2020.

Prior to her interest in fashion design, she had already made a wallet. The video of Kaia dancing in a pink and black dress went viral in January, with over 14.3 million views on TikTok. Clearly, this young lady has a knack for picking stylish, yet functional, pieces.

While most designers begin with a sketch, Kaia goes straight to the fabric. This dreamer prefers to dress in soft, flexible materials. She strives for both aesthetics and wearability in her creations.

Also, this young designer knows what to do and she does it very well. In fact, the creative little girl has a closet for all the clothes that she has designed on her own and she keeps them to herself. Hopefully, the girl will be a very successful and renowned designer when she grows up and the chances of this happening are very high as well.

Honestly, so cute. Watch the full video below!


Every design Kaia has made in the past 9 months. 🤯


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