It seems like the whole world is in shambles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions are battling the virus, while many have lost their jobs to it. Even the people who are lucky enough not to be directly affected are finding it challenging. Moreover, staying in quarantine for a long time can be detrimental to your health. So, finding things to do that are enjoyable can be a godsend! Likewise, this man found a quarantine band with his kids. And they are going viral!

Colt Clark from Tampa, Florida, is a professional musician while his wife Aubree is a photographer. Unfortunately, their businesses are in a halt right now due to the virus. However, that means more quality time with their three kids that they homeschool. Luckily, ten-year-old cash already knew how to play bass guitar, and eight-year-old Beckett is a drum expert! And their six-year-old sister Bellamy can sing backup, dance, and even shake maracas!

Colt Clark and kids

With music running in their veins, the family decided to start a band that they call “Colt Clark and the Quarantine kids!” And their nightly family jams are gaining more audience every day. Moreover, their rendition of the Beatles hit “Come Together” is especially popular. The Dad leads the covers while the three kids have the time of their lives playing their instruments. Furthermore, they are brilliant and bring to life every song that they sing. Watch the video of them below:

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