Old Man Comes Into a Room Full of Young Dancers,but Watch When the Camera Faces Him

Old age comes with its pros and cons. While you get wiser as you get older, your body starts to betray you. In fact, the older you are, the less mobile you become. However, it does not mean that elderly people don’t have talent! Ability defies age. Just watch this older man dance his heart out.

The room is full of youngsters practicing a very modern dance form. As a result, the oldtimer seems out of place.old man popping

This dance style is known as Popping. It is characterized by its technique of the dancer making quick jerking motions. Here, a dance battle seems to be taking place. Competitors show their moves off, and the opponent tries to outdo that.

This old man’s name is Viho. At the start of the clip, Viho comes to the stage and starts dancing. It is what you’d expect from an older man. Suddenly, he starts ‘Robot’ dancing, and that is when the crowds go wild. His performance is nothing short of amazing. He dances better than his young opponents!

Watch the incredible video below:

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