4-year-old Twins Take Ice to Perform “The Nutcracker” – Leave Audience Speechless With Insane Skating Skills

Toddlers learn things quicker than adult brains. Hence, they can master skills much faster. Teaching them can be a real challenge. However, once they pick up the general strategies behind it, everything else comes naturally.

Similar to our 4-year old twin skaters in the clip. “The Nutcracker” is a very famous Christmas Ballet of all time. The two act-ballet originates way back to the 1960s and has gained enormous success over time. Most of the time, we witness such acts on a stage, in contrast to the ice skates.


In the clip, the twins, Katarina and Dakota Delcamp, astonished the internet with their incredible performance. In comparison, most of us take a lot of practice just to stay on the ice with skating shoes. But these two toddlers make it look so flawless. Initially, the performance begins with our adorable little girl skating to the tune of the melodious music. And in the second verse, her brother joins in eventually. They dance together, mesmerizing the crowd.

The toddlers are all grown up now and have taken this skill to another level. Katarina is a qualified juvenile level figure skater representing Southwest. And Dakota is an ice hockey player. It even serves as a reminder for parents to involve their kids in all sorts of extracurricular activities. Did you find the dance performance entertaining? Kindly share your thoughts in the feed.

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