Woman Waits for Boyfriend as Couples Start Dancing, Only to Realize the Flash Mob Is for Her

Flash mobs have been the way of communicating, from protesting for injustice to marketing purposes. It has been around for a long time now. Therefore, Danny decides to use this same technique to declare his love for the woman of his life.

During one fine evening, Danny and Nagham decide to go out for a meal. Danny dresses so formerly raises so many questions, but Nagham shuts them down. He could just be out of work, which becomes one of the reasons that make sense. The man excuses himself once they sit at the table.

Soon after, Nagham is appalled to see a woman is joined by her dancing partner to perform on “Just the way you are.” Soon six dancers are dancing to the same music. In the meantime, Nagham keeps searching for Danny.

After some time, the songs come to an end. The dancers align in a parallel line, welcoming Danny. He walks with flowers and a ring in his pocket. As soon as he approaches the love of his life, he kneels down to propose to her. With teary eyes, she says, “Yes.”

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