Clever Sister Wants to Seel Her Brother So She Finds a Perfect Way to Convince Her Dad

Kids are hilarious. They say and do things as they will and don’t care a lot about anything else. Kids don’t have problems as adults do. And the most stressed out they can be is due to homework. They usually say things without thinking, but when you listen to this little girl, you can tell she has done a lot of thinking.

Little Rachel has a very serious conversation with her dad about selling her little brother. And it all starts with dad saying, “how did your brother get so silly?”

sister wants to sell her brother

But don’t get her wrong, Rachel knows exactly what she’s talking about. She wants to sell her silly little brother Jason at the pet store for $54. And she plans to buy a toy owl with that money. But she also has a plan to get Jason back.

WATCH Rachel’s hilarious plan of selling her brother below.

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