Let’s be honest. There are certain forms of the dance style that are not for everyone. Usually, these are the one that demands a crazy set of skills and a whole lot of practice. Take Irish tap dance, for example. From afar, it looks durable but to tap your feet, let alone synchronize it, requires mad talent.

However, it is not impossible. With enough patience and practice, anyone can learn and master the artforms. Much like in the clip below. A group of young Irish dancers displays an exceptional dance routine. Initially, the camera pans to the huge auditorium, where they probably perfect their style.

The troupe begins their dance act as soon as the traditional music blasts on speaker. Talking of traditional, the Irish dance style dates all the way back to the 16th century. Soon enough, people began traveling all around the world, and so did the art. Back to the performance, the girls are wearing brightly embroidered, authentic, and detailed customs. Their intricate dance routine obviously incorporates a range of complex dance steps.

Please press play and enjoy.

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