If You Find a Dryer Sheet in Your Mailbox Here’s What It Means

A dryer sheet in your mailbox is nothing sinister, it just means your mail carrier is looking out for you. This amazing hack can save you from ants and bugs inside your mail box.

Dryer sheets are typically made from a combination of paper and fabric softeners. The fabric softeners are often made from a blend of chemicals that help reduce static electricity and soften fabrics. The paper is usually made of cardboard or synthetic fibers, and is used to help hold the fabric softener in place.

This video has a bunch of other dryer sheet hacks–things you can do with old and new dryer sheets to help you out in your daily life. From cleaning up dust and lint to making the bathroom smell better, this video is packed full of neat little tips for dryer sheets!

One of the better hacks she shows is using the dryer sheet to clean dirt from a laminated door–it turns out they are pretty good little cleaning sheets!

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