Simon Says He’ll Buy 13-Yr-Old a Dog if He Does Well – Simon’s Going Shopping

There are plenty of young artists trying to pursue their talents in singing shows like America’s Got Talent. So, this 13-year-old boy also tries his luck and steps on the stage. Simon asked the boy, Jeffrey Lee, about what he would do with a million bucks if he won. And he gives the most humbling response. He just wants a puppy!

Simon grew fond of this cute boy. He promises to buy him a puppy if he sings well. Everyone thought he couldn’t handle the pressure. It was already though for him to be in front of a huge crowd. But it looks like that’s all he needed to motivation. The boy starts singing “You Raise Me Up,” and manages to tear up the entire audience. Nobody could even guess the amount of talent this boy was hiding.

It looks like Simon knows how to encourage young performers on stage. When he said, “We will get him a dog,” I couldn’t smiling with happiness. He looks much happier about getting a dog rather than the compliments on his singing! That’s precisely the kind of inspiration young kids need to loosen up and enjoy their moment in the spotlight. Only then will can they shine through their true potential.

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