This Looks Like a Normal Dance, but Pay Attention to Her Hand When the Beat Changes

Dancing is one of the most beautiful ways of self-expression in the world. Your body’s movement can express what your words cannot. Therefore, you need skill and lots of practice to be a great dancer. This is true for all styles of dancing. From classical to Hip-hop, you need to be dedicated to succeed.

One of the biggest platforms for competitive dancing is World of Dance. Hence, people from all around the world come to this renowned program to show off their dancing skills. All types of dancers come to show the variety of dances they connect to like this girl in the video.

barbie dance

She goes by the name Dytto and is extremely proficient in a few different styles of dancing. Dytto comes to the stage and does a combination of popping, robotting, and tutting. While she looks like a broken doll, it is in the best way possible! It’s truly a sight to behold. Above all, her song hits the nail on adding interest to the unique performance. As Aqua’s famous song ‘Barbie Girl’ plays, watch her fantastic dance below:

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